Introducing the dB25


Limited Run Series

The dB25 is the first ever limited series run to be produced by deBolex. This series, which is limited to 25 motorcycles, is aimed at riders and owners seeking the ultimate craftsmanship and riding experience. It creates a marriage between traditional and modern, using longstanding coachbuilding techniques with modern precision engineering, to produce a truly exceptional machine. Standout in design and very exclusive, deBolex are at the pinnacle of custom motorcycle development. 

dB25 owners customise their motorcycles, choosing their own colours, seat trim fabric and stitching, exhaust combinations, custom finishes and much more. They add their own vision and design ideas to the base that we’ve produced, allowing them to create a completely personalised motorcycle. Although sharing the same stand out design, every dB25 is a one of a kind. Built to the highest level of quality, the dB25 is a unique machine that has been developed and manufactured with meticulous attention to detail.


Using the legendary Ducati Monster 1200, we’ve transformed this fantastic platform into a full fairing retro racer. We’ve reimagined both the design and character with over 100 new custom components, including a new lightweight CNC aluminium rear subframe, polymer fuel cell, 21 carbon fibre panels, 60 laser cut sheet metal parts and 22 CNC aluminium components.

The number one, and prototype bike, is built from aluminium. This hand crafted design has then, through various techniques, been captured enabling us to produce the final 24 bikes in carbon fibre. This is a unique process that captures the hand made design features of traditional metal shaping turning them into a modern, lightweight and strong composite panel.


Characterised by the ideas of our owners, the dB25s can each be individually built to customer specifications, so no two will ever be the same. We support our customers in choosing the spec for their motorcycle, offering our design experience to help guide them through to envisioning their dream. 

Choice of colours is unlimited. For colour selection we ask for suggestions of colours our customers would like to see, and then we then work together to come up with a palette that we feel complements the classic lines of our design. In addition to body colour, we can also match frame colour and choose colours for the wheels and front forks that work together to give a powerful overall aesthetic.

In theory, the sky is the limit when it comes to extras and customisable options – we’re only confined by what is technically feasible. This could include suspension, brake and wheel upgrades along with some other personalised items such as our custom made paddock stand or bike cover.

Customers can have as much or as little input into this stage as they’d like. If they want to make the final decision on every component, we encourage them to do so. If they would rather we took the reins, or helped guide them in making their own decisions, we can do that too. When customers come to the workshop, they’ll be able to see various examples of extras and design ideas that help to give a better understanding of what is achievable.

At the end of this process, we use renders to give a visual representation of how the motorcycle will look and present this to the customer for discussion. Once we’ve confirmed all of the design and specification options, we can then start the build.

We carry out all the work in house from design and metal shaping right through to the carbon fibre, paint work and seat trimming. This enables us to keep build quality levels to the highest standard and create the perfect marriage between all the components. It also allows us more flexibility and opportunity to be creative in every aspect fo the build.


We take a £2000 non-refundable deposit to secure build slot in the series. Once this is paid, the slot is designated. The motorcycles are are built in sequential order, so the spot in the waitlist will determine the date of completion.

To register your interest, email