dB25: Carbon Fibre Tank Skin

Finishing the moulds and producing the first carbon fibre tank skins marks the completion of the prototype phase. From this point onwards, its all about efficiently assembling each dB25 to our clients specification, diving into the exciting world of paint, seat trims, exhaust variations and much more.

What a journey building our dB25 prototype has been. Creating a low run production is a very different ball game compared to our One of One builds. The challenges have been rewarding and as we complete initial assembly on bike No3 all our hard work is paying off, with each part fitting together like a carefully curated ensemble.

Our previous email saw the completion of the aluminium tank skin. As before, we use these parts to create a mould (seen above ) capturing all the hand made details and enabling us to recreate the part in carbon fibre.

We’ve created 21 moulds to produce a full carbon fibre dB25, so we’ve become quite efficient at the mould making process – even the more complicated 3 piece moulds such as this one.

21 moulds later the satisfaction of pulling your first part out of a mould is still very rewarding.

The fitment is perfect and a huge reward came when seeing bike No2 in complete carbon bodywork. We’ve spent such a lot of time focusing on the finest details its moments like these that its great to step back and see the big picture.

We’ve also completed our seat pan, which as a piece alone is stacked with detail. These will be finished in a matt lacquer showing off the carbon weave.

Finally, we’ve produced a mould for creating our seat foam. This mould will enable us to consistently produce an accurate foam that fits our base perfectly, whilst also having control over the density of our seats, so we can work on creating the maximum comfort.

Now all is left to do is finally decide on some colours! What colour would you choose?

Thanks for reading