dB25: Side and Nose Fairing


We’ve had a busy month since our last update which has seen the completion of our nose and side fairing moulds – the last pieces of our aluminium fairing to go through the moulding process.

By choosing a full fairing design for the dB25 project we certainly haven’t made things easy for ourselves but we enjoy the challenge and creativity in producing such a design. Some of the challenges of designing a full fairing include the fit, finish and mounting. At the beginning of this project we had a vision of the level of finish we wanted to achieve, a kind of bench mark. As with any project there were challenges to overcome on the journey but recently we reached that bench mark – actually I’d say we sailed right through it!

We’re at the stage now where it’s tough to share images without giving away too much, but we’re so excited about how everything is coming together and have enjoyed sharing this process with you. For now, you’ll have to bear with us and our tightly cropped photos. Above you can see our freshly completed carbon side panels.



Before removing the aluminium panels for moulding we had a quick (literally) test to see how fast we could remove the side panels. We’re using Pro-Bolts quick release fasteners meaning a quarter turn on the bolt and it’s released. We managed a 9.91 second removal meaning easy quick access to the engine for maintenance and cleaning and no fiddling around with nuts and bolts.



The nose faring is one of the most complicated pieces on the bike, requiring the production of a 4 piece mould. It’s also our largest piece, fitting in the oven by just a few mm (more luck than judgment!).



A full free day and a calm mindset is required when laying up the nose fairing, some morning meditation helps(!) but once complete and after a nights cook in the oven we are rewarded with a flawless replica of our aluminium fairing ready for trimming and fitting to the bike.



To complete the fairing we’ll add our headlight cover. This will be an optional extra ordered at the beginning of the build process.


Our next update will complete the prototype showing the production of our fuel tank and carbon fibre skin. We also have 3 Ducati’s arriving with us from Italy ready to begin the dB25 build process to be numbers 2, 3 and 4 in the series. Exciting times ahead.

Thanks for reading