dB25: Team work


July has been productive month in the deBolex workshop. Having the frame work complete back in June meant we could really move forward with the body panels and start bringing this project to life. 

I wanted to take a moment to introduce Des, who joined deBolex not long after we formed the company and has been an integral part of our growth in the workshop, helping continue to refine our designs and push forward to build high quality motorcycles.

Des and I have developed a strong working relationship, playing on our individual strengths to split the work load. Together we have good workshop moral, which makes the intensity and thousands of hours building together an enjoyable process.



The pictures below show various stages in the fabrication process of our electrics box, which sits neatly between our new rear subframe arms. The pictures show our prototype 3d printed rear subframe with aluminium electrics box and our final CNC machined aluminium rear subframe with the carbon fibre electrics box. The process of moulding our aluminium panels to reproduce the parts in carbon fibre is proving to be a highly accurate and an efficient way of capturing our design.



Usually when we’re in the process of building out the body panels we start with the tank. This time, however, we’re working with a specialist to create a polyurethane fuel cell that will sit under our tank skin, so we’ve started with the fairing and tail while we wait for this part to be developed.

Our seat pan and tail design have become a signature feature of our builds to date. We have carried through some of the techniques we’ve developed while building our One-of-One projects but are always looking for ways to improve on our designs. For the tail we have incorporated a slighty different feature which will allow the seat to flow more seamlessly with the tail.



With the belly pan complete we moved up to the side fairings. Between the belly and the nose fairing these panels needed to flow seamlessly in design while providing an air exit for the radiator and tucking in tight to the frame to allow clearance for the rider. The challenge for us is to tick all of these boxes and create an interesting and cohesive design.


We now have the main bulk of the fairing and the tail complete and will soon be completing the nose fairing before moving on to the tank. Next, we’ll start to create the moulds for these larger parts so we can start to easily duplicate our design.

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Thanks for reading.